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hotel phone flicr Please complete this Hotel Rip-off exercise and also send us an example of your work. It can be something you wrote recently or a piece you’re currently working on.

Hotel Rip-off

You stay three nights in the Royal Gloucester Pringle Hotel in London. On the last night, you lose your mobile phone, and make the mistake of using the hotel’s room phone to … (read in full)

Please write your solution below. You can copy and paste from other applications.

You don’t have to spell everything perfectly because Ron knows you’re a foreigner. You don’t even have to write in English – we can shove it through Google Translate. But it does have to get you some money back. That will require you to be write in a way that achieves a change in behaviour.

Many thanks. We look forward to reading this and working on it together.

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Please send us an example of your writing. It can be something you wrote recently, or something you are going to work on soon. We may use this in your 1-to-1 coaching with Gideon after the course. It also helps us prepare the course materials for you.
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