Some work by Gideon

Some of the creative projects Gideon has worked on over the years.

coupe3Gideon wrote this ad with Suzy Bargman for DMB&B. When we first presented it to the agency creative director Jeremy Pemberton, he thought it too risky. Fortunately the client thought otherwise.

bus sizedGideon created this idea for Guestinvest; it helped them sell themselves to HSBC for an unfeasibly large sum.

Unknown-2Along with Dawn Austwick, Neil McGregor’s right hand woman, and JD Hill, curator at the BM, Gideon created the original concept for the series. Dawn’s brief had been simply  “Give me another Ascent of Man”, which had been a Jacob Bronowski television masterpiece in the ’70s. The working title for the project was 50 Objects in the Ascent of Man but we realised that it would have to be something like humankind, if it wasn’t going to sound rather sexist.

sperm donor sized2

One in the series executions of the Economist campaign started originally by the legendary David Abbott. This concept picked up a gold at Cannes.