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Profile: James McClenaghan

“My Dad was a fisherman. He’s spent his life at sea trying to stay one step ahead of the fish.

I’m in derivatives and I’m trying to do the same thing.”

I started at NAG five years ago and recently got into commodity derivatives.

The job is to separate out the risk element that all commodities bring with them.

And that’s usually about price fluctuations.

We handle the risk, so our clients just handle the commodity.

It could be anything our clients deal with on a daily basis: Aviation fuel, copper, sugar or sliced bread. In particular I’m after new ideas. Ideas that ultimately help our clients concentrate on their core businesses.

I don’t surf the waves, of course. But for inspiration I do surf the net.

For example if I find an interesting site on Aluminium cans, I’ll think up a way of to do something for our clients who produce and bottle soft drinks in Scotland.

I would say NAB is a good place to work. It’s not the obsessional work frenzy place of a more American style institution. There’s more balance.

Like you’d expect from an Australian bank, there’s an element of fun.

On weekends, I’ll play a round of golf with the guys upstairs.

But if you’re serious about a career there’s a lot you can do here.

Sure it’s got a few things I would change.

But put it this way.

For four years I’ve looked forward to coming into work every day.


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