Leadership & communication

The Dubbya problem

In our world, leadership, and powerful communication are connected. It’s no coincidence that Winston Churchill and Barack Obama were and are powerful orators. Churchill was originally a journalist before he became an MP and in one of his speeches he lifts a thread from a Shakespeare scene where King Henry IV is calling troops to fight. Conversely leaders who struggle to spell a word like potato are assumed to be lacking


in the words department and that daddy got them the job. Certainly George W Bush’s problems with communication contributed to him being perceived as dim; many  felt he was unfit for the most powerful office in the world. Since we’d all rather be a Churchill than a Bush junior it follows that if we can improve the way we write we’ll improve our chances of being a good leader.


Sometimes it’s only when you have to put something in writing you see how convoluted the thinking is. The process of making something clear and refined is the process of asking how you’re going to lead people into adopting it. Leadership and communication are inseparable concepts.