Write to your dinner lady

What’s for dinner?

Most people have a visceral aversion to at least one item of food they were served up at school. It’s very often liver, or tapioca, but could be anything from cabbage to spinach. (The exception to this seems to be the Swedes who, to a pupil, seem to have enjoyed very edible fare when they were at school.)


Having created a basic structure to deliver a persuasive message we put this to the test.

Your task is to write a letter to your dinner lady requesting something other than whatever she’s serving up on Tuesdays.


The strategy is up to you. But remember, she doesn’t take orders from you, and neither does she have much inclination to change anything she’s been serving for the last thirty years.

However she is amenable to a little logic and inspiring argument. Don’t worry about the language, you can sound like a 5 year old or a 65 year old, it’s up to you. What matters is the argument holds up and points in a direction, just like some perfectly cooked spears of asparagus.

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