A Typical Course

hotel phone flicr
Your advance preparation
The Hotel Rip-off  exercise is the main part of the Entry Kit and we ask you to complete it all before the course begins. Even if you’re a junior writer, this is a great way to begin to find your voice. Being a writer, after all, starts with writing.


The Copycourse day

We kick off with at the fundamentals of communication and start with a simple question. What makes good writing? Participants are invited to share their views. Is it readability, relevance, or a hidden ingredient we often overlook? This forms the basis of our enquiry. Sometimes we draw a cartoon portrait of  Mr or Ms Writer and ask what they’d be like if we met them as a person? How do they behave around a deadline, or when they get stuck? Some of the answers here reveal fundamental truths about communication and its relationship to change.

We do a quick build to see how a fairy tale works; then investigate the motor of writing with a task called Prints on the gun.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.29.27We visit an abridged version of Martin Luther King’s ’63 speech and take it apart using our new tool. Great speeches work the same way great text does, and we may also look at Winston Churchill’s Finest Hour speech. The same motor that drives these speeches can be harnessed to any piece of text you’re working with. That’s why the tool is so powerful.dr-martin-luther-king-1

Using the same tool we try our hand at a variation on the

Mr Men writing assignment

mr men copy copyThe task is simply to write a document that will sell a Mr Man one of the cars. We look at where the magic in a piece of writing comes from and how to you can make things both factual and inspiring.

Taking this on a step, we do a group writing exercise. The challenge here is to produce a piece of text that creates thought leadership.

The last discussion asks what the fundamentals of communication are. The answers are sometimes surprising.

PS: If you want to see how your organisation comes over in word cloud click wordle

PPS: if you’re doing the B2B Copywriting course, we’ll be doing some of this, but the afternoon will look a little different.